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AUTOMATIC REFILL OPTION - We track daily temperatures (heating degree days) and your historic fuel use to automatically schedule your next refill. When you choose to go on "Auto-Refill", your home comfort is seamless and convenient. You will also benefit from our "Auto-Refill" discount. Contact our office to sign up for "Auto-Refill."

Basement tanks should be equipped with a VENT ALARM WHISTLE.  While filling, it confirms a proper vent and signals when the tank is nearly full. See below.

Correct twin-tank installation:

Fill Pipe in Tank 1, Cross-over from Tank 1 to Tank 2, Vent Pipe with Whistle in Tank 2. Gauge (only in Tank 2)

Typical basement tank installation:

Fill Pipe, Vent Pipe with Whistle, Gauge and furnace supply line. Sturdy, secure legs. Fill pipe must be steel.

BUDGET PAYMENT PLAN OPTION - This plan is designed to level out your heating costs over an entire year. Rather than have large heating bills during the winter, you have a smaller bill each month. Budget Billing starts in the Summer and runs for 12 months. You build a credit balance during the summer and fall and your account is settled the following Summer. Contact our office to sign up for the Budget Plan.  

Have questions about your tank?

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Outside tank installation:

Sturdy, secure legs on concrete slabs.

Combo Gauge

and Vent Whistle